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One More To Go! by RimaPichi One More To Go! :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 284 39 [Speedpaint/Timelapse] Little Nice Wolf by RimaPichi [Speedpaint/Timelapse] Little Nice Wolf :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 723 109 Edday by RimaPichi Edday :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 271 33 .:Fanart:. Eddsworld - Don't Mess With Me by RimaPichi .:Fanart:. Eddsworld - Don't Mess With Me :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 624 123 [Speedpaint/Timelapse] The Resurrection Of Hope by RimaPichi [Speedpaint/Timelapse] The Resurrection Of Hope :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 1,262 151 .:Contest Entry:. Mystic Heroine by RimaPichi .:Contest Entry:. Mystic Heroine :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 691 88 [Speedpaint/Timelapse] Raffle Winner #1 by RimaPichi [Speedpaint/Timelapse] Raffle Winner #1 :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 605 87 .:Speedpaint/Timelapse:. Trick or Threat by RimaPichi .:Speedpaint/Timelapse:. Trick or Threat :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 282 53 Quick Shading Practice by RimaPichi Quick Shading Practice :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 419 76 Salvaging Darkness - Art Trade by RimaPichi Salvaging Darkness - Art Trade :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 363 55 Don't You Dare Forget The Sun -TEST- by RimaPichi Don't You Dare Forget The Sun -TEST- :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 367 52 Hurt by RimaPichi Hurt :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 346 67 Final Fantasy XIV - Headshot #3 by RimaPichi Final Fantasy XIV - Headshot #3 :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 455 92 Final Fantasy XIV - Headshot #2 .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi Final Fantasy XIV - Headshot #2 .:Speedpaint:. :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 392 73 Final Fantasy XIV - Headshots #1 by RimaPichi Final Fantasy XIV - Headshots #1 :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 331 110 Not That Strong by RimaPichi Not That Strong :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 480 79
my crappy gallery :la:


:bulletpink: Do you take Requests?
I don't have much time anymore to do them, though sometimes on my livestream i'll randomly ask if someone has a cool character i can draw xD

:bulletorange: Do you do Art Trades?
Normally i do, but just when i have time and finished most of my other ATs~ on My  journal you can see if they're open or not^^

:bulletpink: and Collabes?
no sorry ;u;

:bulletorange: and Point Commissions?
yes when i have time~ also here you can see in my journal if they're open or not

:bulletpink: and Commissions?
yeeep paypal commissons are open c:

:bulletorange: Can we be friends?
i think this is a weird question xD
if you really want to be my friend you don't have to ask ;u;
and btw it's quite easy to become friends with me, i always reply to everything xD

:bulletpink: What programm do you use?
For humans Paint Tool SAI and for Animals SAI and Photoshop Elements 7

:bulletorange: On what mode is your stabilizer?
Mostly 12-13 but when i've to do a very long line i use s-5 - s-7 ^^

:bulletpink: On what size is your Pen?
first i don't use the Pen xD i use the Brush c:
second it's from 2-7 ;u;

:bulletorange: Can I draw your characters?
you don't have to ask for that QuQ i love it when people draw my characters <333

:bulletpink: When's your birthday?
10 January~

:bulletorange: What's your real name?
Not gonna tell sorry OxO i don't want people to call me by my real name :'D

:bulletpink: Can you make a tutorial?
yes i'm planning to do some, but they take long and i don't have so much free time anymore >,<

:bulletorange: you take drugs? o.o
haha i shouldn't have uploaded that Vent pic xD But uhm it depends on what you think are drugs.
i often drink alcohol (though i'm trying to stop stopped this now because of two friends c: ) and well yeah i do smoke shisha and other stuff but i'm not addicted. I could stopp if i wanted to.

:bulletpink: how long have you been drawing?
i think i've been drawing since 3 or 4 (that's what my mother told me once) uhm and i started drawing anime when i was 11 or 12 and digital for 1 1/2 years xD

:bulletorange: Are you self-taught or did someone teach you?
no one teached me^^ (in fact, my father was strongly agains me drawing :'D i had lots o problems with that xD)
but i had my idols and when i started drawing digital i watched some tutorials ^^


May 22, 2017
9:35 am
May 22, 2017
8:57 am
May 22, 2017
8:28 am
May 22, 2017
5:44 am
May 21, 2017
6:28 pm


One More To Go!
I wasn't planing on submiting this here, but seeing as it's already been 3 weeks already since my last post...
Have this scribbely Victory drawing!!

Almost all my exams are over, i've only got one left (june 12th). If I pass this, i'll finally taste freedom \o/

Shads and art © Me
[Speedpaint/Timelapse] Little Nice Wolf

Speedpaint - 

Little fanart for Wolfychu ;u; I really love her animations and her Character is so adorable QwQ I can’t draw furries too well though so i made her a kemonomimi QvQ Hope that’s okay! (i also changed her clothes slightly TuT)

I’m still busy with stuDYING, so in the end i ended up rushing a litte yet again TuT i'll also have to do a hiatus till at least mid june ;u; I‘m also still working on the raffle prices //shame

But i’m a mess currently haha
My Practical exam starts this month on the 18th and goes till the 26th and i’m dying TAT

Ah hope you like it QuQ

Character © by wolfychu

It's been five years since his passing now... ;~;
Still miss him
Rest in piece Edd <3

I went out to buy cola jsut for this ;u; I drank it too! i don't even like soft drinks TuT

Edd © eddsworld
.:Fanart:. Eddsworld - Don't Mess With Me
Fanart for Eddsworld <3 been a big fan for quite a while >u<
also i kinda find this song really fitting for Tord (the character i drew) ->…
And i've wanted to draw someting serious for Eddsworld for ages ;u; I hope to get to draw more for this fandom <3
The background is a bit random as i got lazy aah TuT And i had no idea how to draw his scars... Or how to draw a robot hand for that matter. I also can't draw guns. Oh and Tords eyes are supposed to be gray, but i have this head canon where he has red eyes >u< And after "the end" his right eye would become grey. (I read there was a deleted frame that showed both of Tords eyes still being intact. I used to draw him with an empty socked before i saw that xD)
The whole piece was just a big stress reliever tbh |D
I've had a really bad week and bad insomnia and terrible depressions
so i really hope you enjoy this! <3
I still have to study and do lots of shit so i can't be to active qvq
Have a nice time <333

Character © eddsworld
Art by me RimaPichi >u</

New Animation \o/

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 3:40 PM

  • Listening to: Grump it
  • Reading: Fanfictions
  • Watching: Natsume, bungou stray dogs, occultic nine
  • Playing: Aion, FFXIV, DMO, DC, Deemo
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Water

New Animation \o/

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 3:40 PM

  • Listening to: Grump it
  • Reading: Fanfictions
  • Watching: Natsume, bungou stray dogs, occultic nine
  • Playing: Aion, FFXIV, DMO, DC, Deemo
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
okay~ You can call me Rima, Aria, Runa or Shads x'D I get called differnetly by alot of people haha
I love to draw animes/Mangas and toons! I never upload my toons tho... And I recently started practicing animation too! (No school or anything, so it's pretty crappy xD; )
Furthermore i really enjoy art of Baroque times and Art Nouveau >u< I Hope to succeed in adding some elements of it in my style someday~

You can find me here too:

I submit speedpaints/Timelapses and animations there. In the future i plan to do tutorials too c:

WIP's, and traditional stuff mostly. Oh and sketchy animations that aren't worth submitign to youtube xD

Point Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197 Prices here…
:iconcommissionclosed1::iconcommissionclosed2: Prices ->…


27 deviants said
19 deviants said I got an instagram a while back xD
16 deviants said if someone is interessted xD
6 deviants said I submit some sketches there
5 deviants said totaly forgot to say this here °u°
No deviants said Maybe even tradi art at some point ;7;/


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read your Q & A, but I have a question. I just recently started digital art and am currently practicing seeing as how I am a traditional artist I guess you can say. Just got a Wacom Intuos :D. What tablet do you draw on? And do you like digital more than traditional or it doesn't matter?
RimaPichi Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw on a reeeeaaally old wacom cintiq >u<
I like both >7< But digital has that wonderwul "undo" button xD
Pikagalia Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is so wonderfully detailed!  And going through your gallery, it's so clear that you're improving a lot :D mind if I ask what your brush settings are?  
RimaPichi Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Q//u//Q
I use alot of different brushes |D
I plan on doing tutorials after my exams though. I'll be showing them there c:
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